Injured in a truck accident

Injured in a truck accident in California?

You can know the following facts after reading this article:

  • Your eligibility to hire an accident lawyer
  • How much does my truck accident case worth?
  • Documents to take when I meet truck accident attorney
  • How should I hire a truck accident attorney?

Your eligibility to hire an accident lawyer

Every truck accident victim does not need to hire an attorney. If there are no injuries and if there’s a way to go quickly with your truck insurance company, a California truck accident attorney might not be important. But sometimes an accident attorney can help you to figure out whether the amount you will be getting is enough or not. It’s anyway alright to seek guidance because most of the accident attorneys do not ask for money if you call them and have a brief talk. Additionally, it’s important to hire an attorney specializing in truck accidents if-

  • You have to prove that the other party is responsible for your injuries.
  • You are seriously injured and partially responsible for the accident.
  • You are down with serious injuries.
  • Your claims adjuster is not open for negotiation.
  • Your case is complicated to handle alone.

How much does my truck accident case worth?

Well, it is always helpful to get an understanding of the value of your truck crash case before gaining an attorney’s help. Therefore, I hope this will provide enough knowledge to be sure of where your truck accident lawyer pulls you. For a basic understanding, you must know that there are two major types of accident damages that can be recovered: economic damages and non- economic damages. If you can/want to prove that the other party harmed you intentionally, you are eligible to receive a third type of damages: ‘punitive damages’

Economic damages

Economic damages include all the expenses that costed you because of the accident injury. Therefore, these fall into the economic damages category: past, present and future medical charges, bills of hospitals and/or emergency rooms, doctors, psychotherapists, rehab therapists etc… Additionally, amount of lost wages in your work can be recovered under economic damages happened due to accident injuries. Moreover, if you have/had to change jobs after the accident or permanent inability to work after the accident also allow you for a compensation.

Non-economic damages

Non-economic damages are the damages that cannot be measured. Did you know that the intensity and duration of your pain and suffering, lifestyle changes, loss of care and support of your family, loss of consortium, social and companionship failure, and other psychological effects such as stress, terror or worry also fall in the category of non-economic damages? Additionally, if you no longer can do anything you previously did for joy, they also cover up under non-economic damages.

However, it must be told that value of personal injury claims can vary. California fault laws directly/ indirectly affect damage claims. In the state of California, a set of laws called pure comparative negligence laws are applicable in a truck accident. In short, the weight of fault you carry decides the amount of your claim. Here is an example, imagine that a person gets injured in a truck accident and he claims to carry 20% of its fault. Therefore, his compensation amount is decreased from 20%. So that, if his compensation worth $100,000, he will receive a reduced amount of $80,000. Moreover, the competence of your accident lawyer will definitely influence what you will get at the end.

Documents to take when you meet a truck accident attorney?

If you can take these documents related to your truck accident, it will be easier to discuss your case with any attorney. Thus, it will be easier for you to decide the attorney to work with. However, it’s always okay if you don’t have all the things listed below. The documents are:

  • Information of your insurance and driver’s license.
  • Name and insurance information of the other party.
  • Pictures of the vehicle crash (very important).
  • Names and contact details of any witnesses.
  • A copy of your police report
  • Any medical records related to the accident (past and ongoing)
  • Details of any other expenses resulted due to the truck accident
  • Record of lost days and hours of work

How should I hire a truck accident attorney?

You must hire the most suitable attorney for your case. There are many personal injury lawyers. But hiring someone with experience in handling truck accident injury cases is important. However, keep in mind that some attorneys might take the side of insurance companies. Therefore, the best option is to research for many attorneys. Talking to many attorneys can teach you many things about each person.

These are the helpful guidelines

  1. Search for many truck accident attorneys in California.

Talk to many attorneys as possible. Some don’t answer your calls properly. Some times you won’t feel comfortable with certain attorneys. You can check these by meeting many attorneys. Most of the truck accident attorneys in California offer free consultation.

  1. Ask many questions and clarify every single thing.
  2. Learn well about the attorney’s legal experience handling similar cases.
  3. Check whether the chosen attorney has any issues regarding his/her license to practice law.

Financial Responsibility Law is applicable in the state of California. Accordingly, the fault party is responsible of paying for damages. However, the fault person must be clear in a truck accident. Otherwise, we must prove that the other person is at fault. Consequently, that person’s insurance must pay for the damages. This process is different from states such as Florida and New Jersey. Injured person must collect compensation from his/her own insurance company in these states.

Things to consider when hiring a truck accident attorney?

Everyone wants to hire the most competent attorney. As we all know, there are a number of personal injury lawyers in California. However, taking the assistance of an accident attorney with good expertise in handling truck accident injury cases is always important. However, it must be admitted that some accident attorneys are friendly with insurance companies. Therefore, it’s always good to researching and contacting as much attorneys as you can. This, can teach you many things about each person. It’s good to talk to many trucking accident attorneys as possible. If you give them calls, you can understand who neglect to answer your calls or talk irresponsibly. You may even feel uncomfortable with talking to certain attorneys. You can check this by contacting several attorneys. Remember that most of the trucking accident attorneys in California provide free consultation due to the huge competition.

Here are important guidelines:
  1. Search many truck accident attorneys.
  1. Ask questions and clarify every single doubt you have.
  1. Know well about the attorney’s legal expertise handling similar cases.
  1. After deciding, check whether the chosen attorney has any problems related to his/her license to practice law.

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