Injured in motorcycle accident

Injured in motorcycle accident

Injured in a motorcycle accident in California?

Article covers the following facts:

  • How much is my motorcycle accident case worth?
  • Motorcycle accident attorney fees and costs
  • How do I negotiate with my motorcycle accident attorney?
  • Documents I should prepare when I meet motorcycle accident attorney
  • California Fault Laws
  • Things to keep in mind when I hire an accident attorney

Do I need a motorcycle attorney to handle my motorcycle accident case?

An attorney’s involvement is not necessary in every motorcycle accident case. If you don’t have painful injuries and if you can go quickly with your motorcycle insurance company a California motorcycle accident attorney’s involvement might not be mandatory. However, you require an attorney specializing in motorcycle accidents in certain situations, if you-

  • want to prove that the other party is responsible for your injuries.
  • are seriously injured but partly responsible for the accident.
  • suffer serious injuries.
  • cannot negotiate with your claims adjuster.
  • your case becomes too complicated to handle alone.

How much is my motorcycle accident case worth?

We recommend you to know how much your motorbike crash case worth before reaching out for an attorney’s help. This will help you to be sure of where your motorcycle accident lawyer is taking you. There are two major types of damages that can be recovered: economic damages and non- economic damages. If you can prove that the other party harmed you intentionally, you can get compensation for a third type of damages: ‘punitive damages’

Economic damages:

Past, present and future medical expenses. Bills of hospitals, emergency rooms, doctors, psychotherapists, rehab therapists etc…

Amount of lost wages in your work. You are also allowed for compensation if you have to retain from work after the accident. Additionally, if you have to switch jobs after the accident or if you are permanently unable to work after the accident you are allowed a compensation.

Non-economic damages:

The intensity and duration of pain and suffering. Lifestyle changes. Loss of support of loved ones. Loss of consortium. Failure of society and companionship. Emotional distress. Anxiety. Humiliation. Inconvenience. Fear anger and worry, Disfigurement. Loss of enjoyment of life (things you were used to do but no longer will be able to do)

We must tell you that there are certain factors affecting the value of your damages. CA fault laws may affect your damages directly. In California, there are pure comparative negligence laws applicable in a motorbike crash. According to Pure comparative negligence laws, how much fault you had in the accident determines how much you are entitled to get. For an instance, if you were injured in a motorcycle accident in which you have 20% of the fault. In such a case your compensation will be reduced from 20% (if your damages worth 100,000 you’ll get 80,000). In addition, the presentation skills and the competency of your lawyer will of course have direct effects.


What are things to keep in mind when I hire an auto accident attorney?

You may want to find the best accident lawyer in California but you must hire the right person. As we all know, expertise comes with practice and everybody search for Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers. However, keep in mind that the lawyer you choose may not fight hard enough for your claim, taking the side of insurance companies.

We have listed some helpful guidelines when choosing the right person.

Step 1: Research many accident attorneys in California if you want to select the best person to handle your personal claim.

Contact many attorneys and talk to them. You want to know how you will be treated as a client. Take the advantage of the free consulting time given by many accident attorneys in California.

Step 2: Ask everything you need to know before you give the case to be handled.

Ask questions about your case and the attorney’s legal experience.

Step 3: Check with the state bar whether the accident attorney has any issues regarding the license to practice law.

 Motorcycle accident attorney fees and costs

In order to select a motor cycle accident lawyer, the amount of fees and other costs really matters. When you talk to an attorney, show him/her that you know certain things and be sure there are no hidden charges included. Read this article to know more about attorney fees and costs.


Tips for negotiating auto injury attorney Fees

See if the case is straightforward and try to settle it out of court. But remember not to admit your fault. So that your attorney has less work to do than preparing for a trial.

  • Do not be afraid to negotiate. Because there’s a huge competition among personal injury lawyers. But use professional words when you negotiate.
  • Do your document work by yourself. So that you will be able to negotiate the personal injury attorney fee.
  • Never act as if you don’t know anything about the process. Do a background search and be prepare before contacting the personal injury lawyer.
  • Most of the personal injury lawyers offer a free consulting time. Therefore use this opportunity to know everything about the lawyers and their fees.

 California Fault laws

California is a state with Financial Responsibility Law. According to Financial Responsibility Law, the fault party in an Auto accident has to pay any damages caused. However, a person must prove to be the fault party of the accident. As a result, that person’s insurance is responsible of paying for damages. This is different from the no-fault states, such as Florida and New Jersey. In those states, the injured person collects compensation from his/her own insurance company.

Now you have a basic knowledge about FAQs related to motorcycle accident lawyers in California. Therefore, you can now look for a suitable attorney. However, remember to contact many motorcycle accident lawyers in California before selecting the best motorcycle accident attorney. We also recommend you to know what you should submit to a motorcycle accident attorney before meeting the chosen attorney. Here we have provided a list of leading bicycle accident attorneys in California

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