Injured in a car accident

California Car Accident Lawyer

Injured in a car accident in California?

Article covers the following facts:

  • Do I need a car accident attorney?
  • How can I estimate my car accident compensation?
  • Documents I have to take to a car accident attorney
  • How should I hire a car accident attorney? 
  • Fees and costs of car accident attorneys in California
  • California Fault Laws

Do you know?

If you are injured in a car accident, the first thing you have to do is meeting a doctor. If you can, it’s better to take clear pictures of the accident. Note down the information of the other driver, witnesses and the police officer. Find car accident attorneys and contact them.

If you don’t have these information, it’s ok. You can still get the assistance of an attorney.

Do I need a car accident attorney?

Attorney’s service is not needed in every car accident. You mightn’t need an auto accident attorney’s support if you don’t have serious injuries. However, insurance companies don’t tell you whether you’re able to get high compensation. Therefore, it’s always the best option to talk to a few attorneys about your accident and injuries. Because talking doesn’t cost money. Additionally, here are the situations, a car accident attorney’s service is a must:

  • other party does not accept the fault.
  • you are painfully injured.
  • you are seriously injured and partly responsible for the accident.
  • if you can’t agree with your claims adjuster’.
  • you have a complected case which needs professional help.

How can I estimate my car accident compensation?

It’s always better to know how much you can expect from your car accident case. This will be helpful for a good discussion with car accident attorneys and no one cheat you. You can receive compensation for two major types of damages in a car injury. They are economic damages and non- economic damages.  Additionally, there’s another type called ‘punitive damages’.  You are allowed compensation for this type if you can prove that the other party harmed you intentionally.

What are economic damages:

Economic damages include past, present and future medical expenses. Hospital bills, Room charges, doctors charges, psychotherapists’ expenses, rehabilitation therapists’ charges etc… are included in this category.

Economic damages also include the amount of your lost wages. You are also allowed for compensation if you have to retain from work after the accident. Additionally, you can have a compensation if you have to change your job or cannot work permanently after an accident.

What are non-economic damages:

Non economic damages are: The intensity of pain. Duration of suffering. Changes of life. Losing companionship. Loss of consortium. Inability for social behavior. Emotional damages. Feeling anxious. Social humiliation. Inability of convenience. Feelings such as fear anger and worry, Disfigurement. Loss of life enjoyment (things you could do but no longer will be able to do)

We must admit that many factors can influence the value of your compensation. California fault laws may have a direct influence on your compensation. Pure comparative negligence laws are the laws applied in a car crash. Accordingly, how much fault you carry determines how much you are able to receive as compensation. As an example, if you have 20% of fault in a car accident injury case, your compensation will be reduced from 20%. As a result,  if your offer is worth $100,000 you’ll receive $80,000. Moreover, the skill of your car accident attorney is a must.

Documents I have to take to a car accident attorney?

If you provide more information related to your auto accident, it will be easier and speedier the process will be. Thus, you can collect your compensation quickly.

These are the documents you should take when you meet your accident attorney.

  • Insurance and driver’s license information
  • Other driver’s name and insurance information
  • Photos of the crash
  • Names and information of witnesses
  • Names and information of the police officer
  • A copy of your police report
  • Medical records related to the accident (past and ongoing)
  • A detail of other expenses related to the accident (ambulance fees etc…)
  • Documents of lost days and hours related to work

How should I hire a car accident attorney? 

You must hire the most suitable attorney for your case. There are many personal injury lawyers. But hiring someone with experience in handling car accident injury cases is important. However, keep in mind that some attorneys might take the side of insurance companies. Therefore, the best option is to research for many attorneys. Talking to many attorneys can teach you many things about each person.

These are the helpful guidelines:

1. Search for many car accident attorneys in California.

Talk to many attorneys as possible. Some don’t answer your calls properly. Some times you won’t feel comfortable with certain attorneys. You can check these by meeting many attorneys. Most of the car accident attorneys in California offer free consultation.

2. Ask many questions and clarify every single thing.

3. Learn well about the attorney’s legal experience handling similar cases.

4. Check whether the chosen attorney has any issues regarding his/her license to practice law.

 Motorcycle accident attorney fees and costs

Knowing about fees and other costs related to car accident cases is important. When you sign a contract with an attorney, make sure that there are no hidden charges. Read this article to know more about attorney fees and costs.

California Fault laws

Financial Responsibility Law is applicable in the state of California. Accordingly, the fault party is responsible of paying for damages. However, the fault person must be clear in a car accident. Otherwise, we must prove that the other person is at fault. Consequently, that person’s insurance must pay for the damages. This process is different from states such as Florida and New Jersey. Injured person must collect compensation from his/her own insurance company in these states.


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