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Motorcycle accident lawyer California

We recommend you to read the following useful information about accident attorney fees in California. You can also know many facts and relevant lawyers related to your auto accident case by reading these articles: car accident attorneys, motorcycle accident attorneys, truck accident attorneys and pedestrian accident attorneys in California.

Auto accident lawyer fees and costs

In order to select an auto accident lawyer, the amount of fees and other costs really matters. When you talk to an attorney, show him/her that you know certain things and be sure there are no hidden charges included. This section provides you an explanation of attorney fees and costs.

Motor cycle lawyer fees vs costs

You might have heard or seen personal injury lawyers claiming that they do not charge a fee unless you receive compensation. However, you must know that you may be responsible of paying certain costs regardless of the outcome of your case. Fees charged by the lawyer are for their time and effort. Costs on the other hand include expenses such as charges for getting medical records, postage, mailing charges, court filing fees etc… Make sure that your attorney’s contingency fee includes both fees and costs. An experienced California accident attorney will typically charge a “contingency fee”.

California accident lawyer contingent fees

Contingent fees are the most common fee arrangement for bicycle accident attorneys in California. In this way your attorney will represent you without any initial payment by you. However, after your case is over, they’ll charge a percentage of your compensation.  To be safe, we advise you to ask the lawyer the amount of the percentage they take. Remember that a California motorcycle accident attorney must put your agreement in writing and provide a copy to you. Read the fee agreement carefully. Clarify everything before you sign the agreement.

California motorcycle accident costs

In California, motorcycle accident attorneys’ agreements must state whether they charge their attorney fees before or after deducting costs. This can change the amount you receive as the compensation.

Imagine that you received $100,000 as your compensation. Cost= $15,000 ; Attorney fee= 25%

In case #1

Attorney deducts the cost first and then deducts the attorney fee (25%)

100,000 – 15,000 = 85,000. When 25% deducted from 85,000 your attorney will take $21,250 and you’ll receive $63,750

In case #2

Attorney deducts the fee 25% initially and then deduct the cost $15,000

When 25% deducted from $100,000 the attorney fee will be $25,000. After the cost of $15,000 will be deducted you’ll only receive $60,000

In both cases the fees, costs and the compensation were the same. But how the attorney deducted the charges decided that you receive $3,000 less or more. So remember to be a smart client!

Hourly fees.

There is another type of fee called hourly fee. You can pay your attorney per hour, which can cost you more than necessary.

Tips for negotiating auto Injury attorney Fees

See if the case is straightforward and try to settle it out of court. But remember not to admit your fault. So that your attorney has less work to do than preparing for a trial.

  • Do not be afraid to negotiate. Because there’s a huge competition among personal injury lawyers. But use professional words when you negotiate.
  • Do your document work by yourself. So that you will be able to negotiate the personal injury attorney fee.
  • Never act as if you don’t know anything about the process. Do a background search and be prepare before contacting the personal injury lawyer.
  • Most of the personal injury lawyers offer a free consulting time. Therefore use this opportunity to know everything about the lawyers and their fees.

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